About MJM Presents

Mason Jar Music Presents…

is a video concert series that pairs talented artists with original orchestral arrangements and resonant New York City locations.

For each episode, we carefully select a song from the featured artist's repertoire and reinterpret it with an arrangement for an ensemble of strings, woodwinds and other assorted orchestral colors. Next, we scout for non-traditional, found spaces in NYC that capture the spirit of the song and suit the ensemble. Finally, our team of musicians, filmmakers and audio engineers beautifully capture & document the live performance. The result is a singular musical moment - a stunning confluence of artist, arrangement, song and space.

About Mason Jar Music:

Mason Jar Music is an audio & video production company and creative collective based in Brooklyn, NY. The members of our team, many of whom live together in a Brooklyn-based residential studio, are multi-talented creative professionals who specialize in a diversity of musical styles -- from soul to folk, classical to jazz. Our services include: production, recording and mixing, original music for film and television, concert documentaries, and music videos.